Marriages in the South of Belgium

Five databases with information about marriages, most of them from the 17th and 18th century, are proposed on this website :

     - Province of LIEGE : 264.141 marriages
     - Province of LUXEMBOURG : 79.445 marriages
     - Province of NAMUR : 134.441 marriages
     - Province of HAINAUT : 250.456 marriages (still under construction)
     - Province of HAINAUT (Republican period) : 26.726 marriages

     - City of Brussels : 81.482 (still under contruction)

The different files contain the names and surnames of the bride and groom, the date of marriage and the municipality/church where the marriage was contracted.

With these data one can consult the STATE ARCHIVES of the corresponding province and without any difficulty find the marriage certificate in question. In most cases the marriage certificate includes the places and dates of birth of the bride and the groom, the names and the ages of their respective parents as well as the names, ages and relationships of the

Usually these are the indispensable data to move up to the previous generation.

Most of the certificates can be found online on the website of the Belgian State Archives :

A password is required to access the information in the databases.
The service is limited to an answer by e-mail to a request concerning a particular marriage. Questions by letter or by telephone will not be answered.

In order to receive the date of a particular marriage first look up the names of the bride and groom in the following pages. They have been ordered alphabetically.